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Herschel submillimeter continuum image the Milky Way galaxy in Vulpecula

NGC 6946 in the visible - a nearby "Grand Design" spiral galaxy

Visible image of a pair of colliding galaxies collectively called NGC 3256

Composite visible and infrared view of the colliding galaxies, NGC 4038/NGC 4039, which make up the "Antennae" system

NGC 4945 - A spiral galaxy, seen nearly edge-on, undergoing vigorous star formation activity



GEco: Galactic ecology of the dynamic ism


  • Spectral mapping of fine structure and mid-/high-excitation CO lines as diagnostics of physical conditions and motions of interstellar clouds.  For background information, see white paper and the decadal review 2020 white paper.

    − Lines trace coolants in range environments where stars and planets form.
    − Maps at (15”× λ/350μm) resolution over degree scales of Milky Way including Galactic Center and Magellanic Clouds
       (low metallicity).
    − High site provides unique access to shortest wavelength.
    − Builds on SOFIA (2.5m) with better resolution, much more observing time.


Layout of CHAI instrument being built at University of Cologne led by Professor Juergen Stutzki.