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Thursday, June 21, 2012
CCAT workshop in Paris, June 2012

The proposed CCAT, submillimeter telescope will be the main telescope in the next decade for imaging and wide field surveys throughout the submillimetre. Its sensitivity and imaging speed will be unique in an essential complement to ALMA for a wide range of scientific objectives including among other cosmic history of star formation, star formation and interstellar medium of nearby galaxies, the formation of clusters of galaxies, exploring the universe of molecules in the atmospheres of planets and comets and small solar system bodies.

The purpose of this day is to take stock of the CCAT project, which has started, as well as exchange ideas on both the scientific and technical aspects of this project than on the interests and methods of French participation. One goal of the workshop is to try to identify pathways to formal participation in the project.

CCAT Project Director, Riccardo Giovanelli, will attend the meeting.

We are waiting for you!
G. Lagache, M. Gerin, A. Omont

See http://www.ias.u-psud.fr/ccat/main_1st.php for more information.