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Tuesday, May 16, 2023
CCAT Project Office Leadership Updates

While there is still a lot of work to do, we are starting to anticipate the completion of the construction phases of the CCAT project building the Fred Young Submillimeter Telescope and the initiation of early science operations. To that end, Terry Herter has asked to step down as Project Director on 30 June 2023. We thank Terry for his dedication, service to and leadership of the construction project over the last years.

Replacing Terry as Project Director on 1 July will be Gordon Stacey, who currently serves as Deputy Director and Project Scientist. Heavily engaged in both the scientific and technical aspects of the telescope and the PrimeCam instrument, Gordon has overseen the activities of the Science Working Group and is ready to assume new responsibilities extending through first light. Replacing Gordon as Project Scientist, effective 15 May, is Nick Battaglia, and assisting him as Deputy Project Scientist is Robert Simon. Both Nick and Robert bring strong scientific perspectives to the Project Office and we welcome them to the scientific leadership team under Gordon's direction.

Thanks to everyone for their continued commitment to seeing the completion of the FYST and its deployment as a unique scientific facility.

CCAT Board of Directors