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Wednesday, February 08, 2023 11:37 AM
CCAT Collaboration Meeting (CCM4) to be held June 20-22, 2023


The fourth annual CCAT Collaboration Meeting (CCM4) will be held from June 20-22, 2023 at Cornell University in Ithaca NY. The CCAT-prime Observatory (www.ccatobservatory.org) features the Fred Young Submillimeter Telescope (FYST) which is currently under construction.  FYST will be a 6-meter diameter, 10-micron surface precision telescope working at submillimeter to millimeter wavelengths.  It will operate in survey mode only and first light is expected in late 2024.

Our Collaboration Meetings aim to bring together the CCAT partnership and all astronomers who might be interested in submillimeter and millimeter science using CCAT-prime.  This is the fourth of our Collaboration Meetings.

There are two primary goals for CCM4 :

  • Reports and Progress with Early Science Plans:  Each science team to present their plans for Early Science.  This will depend on the intersection of the variety of Prime-Cam instrument modules and each science case, and the availability of instrument modules at first light and beyond but every science team should be developing a plan for Early Science.  These plans need to include both the details of observations and a clear path from observations to publication including software plans and the leadership team on the paper(s) that are anticipated from Early Science observations.
  • Report on Software Progress and Planning:  The software team will report on the overall architecture, status of all the major SW elements, resource status and development/testing schedules.  This includes the SW data pipeline plans and archiving.

The meeting will also provide updates on the technical of the project including status of the instrumentation and telescope.  The detailed program will appear at ccatconf.astro.cornell.edu by the end of March at which time registration will then be open.

This meeting will be held both in person at Cornell University and on-line using Zoom. Details of connections and logistics will be sent to registered members via email.

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